CORE Gravel

CORE gravel Park Path

CORE gravel Park Path – British Columbia (grids revealed for photo)

CORE Gravel is a stabilized gravel system consisting of panels of connected honeycomb cells with a geotextile backing. Made with either 100% recycled PP (polypropylene) (black or green) or recyclable PP material (white or gray), our proprietary manufacturing process provides a rigid honeycomb core design that holds its uniform hexagon shape while providing maximum load bearing. When filled with gravel the product is practically invisible, making for attractive driveways, laneways and patio installations. Part of a natural porous paving system, just add gravel to the interlocking panels of honeycomb cells and you have an attractive, permeable and eco-friendly surface. Storm water runoff is no longer an issue when using our system.

Our CORE gravel (medium duty permeable paver shown in the video per below) is an excellent gravel stabilizing system. This video gives you an idea of how strong the product is based on the use of the hexagon, closed cell system. The hexagon is the strongest shape in nature. Used in our CORE gravel system, you get amazing, even weight distribution. So much so that it is used in space flight and airplane construction because of its high strength to weight ratio.

(Video provided by coregravelUK)


Why choose CORE gravel over other products on the market??

All of our grids (grass or gravel) are closed cell systems. Meaning?? ALL OF OUR CELLS ARE ATTACHED TO THE NEIGHBOURING CELL WITH NO BREAKS! This ensures an even weight distribution. So even in fact, that you can apply our unique resin bound gravel (our Solepave product) to the surface without requiring any stress joints. Thousands of square feet of uniform, continuous surface. Visually stunning!

Check out our beautiful surface at the FDR Four Freedoms Park in New York. 

Why else?

  • All of our grids contains Carbon Black as a UV (ultra- violet light) inhibitor 
  • All of our grids are made by Injection Mold – the highest quality process available for creating plastic products (compare this to a 2-part extrusion (lower quality) molded product that comes in rolls and has a non-continuous surface – these surfaces are NOT uniform and the plastic has the potential to separate with tire turning)
  • All of our CORE gravel and CORE grass grids have flexibility (resistance to fracture), tensile strength and maximum shearing load (thank the bees for these last 2!)
  • All of CORE gravel grids come with a geotextile fabric heat-welded to the back of every single honeycomb cell. This saves time and money during installation.
CORE gravel 50-35HD in driveway application

CORE gravel 50-35HD in driveway application

CORE Gravel solves the problems associated with loose gravel: sinking, migrating and forming ruts. Your solution for hassle-free gravel paving for all types of vehicle or pedestrian traffic with no compromise in strength and durability. The underside incorporates a durable geotextile which is heat welded to each cell and allows water to drain easily while preventing weed growth. All panel edges have an interlocking system that makes for easy installation, even on steep grades.

Honeycomb cell sizes start at 38 mm (1.5″) wide and 18 mm (3/4″) deep (38-18) and go up to 65 mm (2.6″) wide and 45 mm (1.8″) deep (65-45). In addition to the gravel required to fill each cell, we recommend ONLY 1 cm (<1/2″) of gravel over top of each honeycomb cell. For compression test results, see Pages 11/12 in our Catalogue. All pricing below is retail pricing. Ask us about contractor and volume discount prices.   No Dealer in your area at this time? No problem. We deliver to anywhere in North America!



CORE Gravel 38-18

CORE Path 38-18
Cells: 38mm x 18mm deep

CORE gravel 38-18
Use: Light duty residential paths
Gravel size: 3 – 10 mm
Cell Size: 38 mm wide x 18 mm deep
Cell Wall Thickness: 1.0 mm
Sheet Size: 1.15 m x .8 m (= 9.9 sq.ft)
Cell Colour: White
Geotextile Fabric: Yes
Compressive Strength: 40 t/m2 (empty)
Suitable for vehicles: No
Glowing COREmarkers: Yes
Price per panel: $18.71 USD


NEW! COREpath - Now available in a handy pack!

COREpath handy install pack contains 6 sheets measuring 575mm x 400mm, with a grid depth of 18mm.

Approx. 14.9 sq.ft covered per package

Available only in white virgin plastic for a high quality, easy to cut & install pathway.

BUY COREpath Handy Pack (via Amazon):
Canada – Click here
U.S – Click here

See install guide and video below on how to install the COREpath.

Video provided by COREgravel UK



CORE gravel 38-25R

CORE Gavel -  38-25R
Cells: 38mm x 25mm deep

CORE gravel 38 – 25R
Use: Residential paths and low impact parking
Gravel size: 3 – 12 mm
Cell Size: 38mm wide x 25mm deep
Cell Wall Thickness: 1.5 mm
Sheet Size: 1.15 m x .8 m (= 9.9 sq.ft)
Geotextile Fabric: Yes
Compressive Strength: 68 t/m2 (empty)
Suitable for vehicles: Yes
Glowing COREmarkers: Yes
(R=100% recycled plastic – black only).
See video below using the 38-25R grid.
Price per panel: $23.66 USD

CORE Gravel 42-30R

CORE Gravel 42-30R
Cells: 42mm x 30mm deep
Features finished edging lengthwise

CORE gravel 42-30/42-30 Recycled NEW!
Use: Medium – Heavy
Gravel size: 5 -13 mm
Cell Size: 42 mm wide x 30 mm deep
Cell Wall Thickness: 1.8mm
Sheet Size: 1.15 m X 0.8 m (= 9.9 sq.ft)
Cell Colour: White or Black (recycled)
Geotextile Fabric: Yes
Compressive Strength: 120 t/m2 (empty)
Suitable for vehicles: Yes
Glowing COREmarkers: No
Price per panel: $26.73 & $24.75 (Recycled) USD

CORE Gravel 50-30

CORE Gravel 50-30
Cells: 50mm x 30mm deep

CORE gravel 50-30 NEW!
Use: Light – Medium
Gravel size: 5 -15 mm
Cell Size: 50 mm wide x 30 mm deep
Cell Wall Thickness: 1.3 mm
Sheet Size: 1.2 m X 0.8 m (= 10.33 sq.ft.)
Cell Colour: White
Geotextile Fabric: Yes
Compressive Strength: 60 t/m2 (empty)
Suitable for vehicles: Yes
Glowing COREmarkers: Yes (both)
Price per panel: $25.31 USD

CORE Gravel 50-35HD

CORE Gravel 50-35 HD
Cells: 50mm x 35mm deep

CORE gravel 50-35HDR
Use: Commercial paths and high impact traffic sites, sloped driveways
Gravel size: 7 – 15 mm
Cell Size: 50 mm wide x 35 mm deep
Cell Wall Thickness: 2.0 mm
Sheet Size: 1.2 m x .72 m (= 9.4 sq.ft.)
Cell Colour: Grey (or black = recycled)
Geotextile Fabric: Yes
Compressive Strength: 150 t/m2 (empty)
Suitable for vehicles: Yes
Glowing COREmarkers: Yes
Price per panel: $25.85 USD

CORE Gravel 60-40

CORE Gravel 60-40R
Cells: 60mm x 40mm deep
Features built-in lateral drainage

CORE gravel 60-40
Use: Heavy duty vehicular traffic
Gravel size: 7 – 15 mm
Cell Size: 60 mm wide x 40 mm deep
Cell Wall Thickness: 2.5 mm
Sheet Size: 1.15 m x 1.0 m (= 12.4 sq.ft.)
Cell Colour: Black
Geotextile Fabric: Yes
Compressive Strength: 200 t/m2 (empty)
Suitable for vehicles: Yes, Heavy Duty
Glowing COREmarkers: No (but you can use 50 mm markers & stabilize with screws)
The 60-40 is our new generation heavy duty panel, created for North American commercial parking lot applications (our trucks are just bigger!), rooftop (avoiding the need for drainage mats) and surfaces with a high water table. How? Note our  BUILT-IN LATERAL DRAINAGE FEATURES
Price per panel: $36.58 USD

CORE Gravel 65-45

CORE Gravel 65-45
Cells: 65mm x 45mm deep

CORE gravel 65-45
This is our heaviest duty panel yet. Created for those sites where consistent (daily) use by heavy vehicles is anticipated. (65-45 is only available R). Larger orders by Special Order only.

SPECIAL!  30% off all IN-STOCK CORE gravel 65-45!  Now only $2.44/sq.ft. for this ultra-heavy duty grid. Great for horse pastures and REALLY heavy vehicle parking! Available only while supplies last. Call us at 1.855.777.2673 to order this ‘skookum’ grid.

GIVE US A CALL AT 1.855.777.2673(CORE)


CORE Gravel Design & Install Guide


    • Super Strong – Enhanced load bearing causes no driveway rutting, separating or sliding with vehicle traffic.
    • Gravel Stabilization – Get gravel to stay put, no ruts, no sinking, no problems.
    • Cost Effective – Lower labour installation and material costs make it an affordable, green alternative to concrete, asphalt or block pavers.
    • Green Solution – Environmentally friendly porous paving allows the rain to drain through the entire surface rather than running off.
    • Reduced Liability – because your gravel stays put, neighbouring hard surfaces see less loose gravel and therefore less opportunity for slippage incidents from foot and cycling traffic.
    • Beautification – A pea gravel walkway, gravel driveway  or patio offers stunning curb appeal.


  • Parking Lots
  • Driveways
  • Public Parks
  • Bicycle Trails
  • Sports Grounds
  • Landscaping
    • Access Roads
    • Camping Sites
    • Playgrounds
    • Pathways
    • Golf Cart Paths
    • Patios


Product Certified by:

SGS Cerfication


OHIM Trades and Design Registered – EU





Afnor Certification

Maryland Department of the Environment

Maryland Department of the Environment Approved Product


Material 100% Recycled polypropylene (PP) or virgin recyclable PP
Colour Black, grey or milky-white, Optional: custom colours
Cell Shape Honeycomb cells (exception: 60-40 & 65-45 modified octagon)
Cell Wall Height 18mm – 65mm
Strength Basic cells 40 – 60 tons/m2 empty (Heavy Duty: 200 tons empty, >300 tons/m2 filled) (Commercial Duty: 250 tons/m2 empty and >350tons/m2 filled)
Chemical Resistence Excellent
UV Resistance Excellent
Big Sheet Size 31.5” x 47.2” / 800mm x 1200mm [1000mm X 1150mm for 60-40 panels and 800mm X 1150mm for 65-45 panels]
Jumbo Sheet Size 47.2” x 94.5” / 1200mm X 2400mm [1000mm X 2300mm for 60-40 panels and 1200mm X 2300mm for 65-45 panels]
NOTE: Our compression testing results are provided for EMPTY cells as well as filled. Variable fill material can skew compression testing results depending on the ‘hardness’ of the rock. So, when comparing different grid system, compare only the ‘empty’ cell compression test results for a true comparison of product durability.

We are the Canadian/US Distributors for the CORE SYSTEM product line. Contact us for an estimate on a project or to purchase our materials for your personal or civic project.