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CORE Pathways

CORE Pathways

Gravel Pathway Stabilization

CORE Path is the perfect solution for pathways and small areas that require the natural beauty of gravel with the stability of the CORE Landscape Products system. No more raking, no more muddy feet - CORE Path provides a firm, sturdy surface that requires minimal maintenance whatever the weather.

SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR DO IT YOURSELF APPLICATION It's as easy as 1, 2, and 3! Install a CORE Path in a day or a weekend and admire your handy work!

CORE Path comes in a handy pre-packaged install pack that contains 14 sheets measuring 785mm (31 in) x 580mm (23 in), with a grid thickness of 18mm (0.70 in). Each pack will cover a 8 meters long pathway X 0.8 meters wide, without cutting, or a 6.50m2 (70 Sq.ft) area. 
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CORE Path is suitable for:

  • Wheel Barrows
  • Pedestrians
  • Bicycles
  • Landscaped Garden Pathways
  • Wheelchairs and more

Buy CORE Path Handy Packs:  

15 Sq.Ft. pack - Click here
70 Sq.Ft. pack - Click here

Larger order? Please provide your project details here and we will get back to you with your personalized quote. 

CORE Path allows for flexibility in all your landscaping designs, helping to protect garden areas.Aggregate Size: We recommend up to 12mm angular gravel, (Please Note: The smaller the aggregate, the flatter it lays and the easier it is to walk on). The sheets have a weed membrane heat welded to the underside and should be laid on a suitable sub-base (see CBR sub-base guide table below). Alternatively they can be laid over existing; tarmac, concrete or gravel pathways as follows. 

Environmentally Friendly: Completely porous and SUDS compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage System). Perfect For: Pathways, patios, green house floors etc. Load Bearing: 40 tons p/m2 empty and 150 tons p/m2 full (approximately 15 tons per ft2). Suitable For: Pedestrian, bicycle, wheelchair and disabled traffic, fully DDA Compliant (Disability Discrimination Act).

Benefits & Flexibility:

  • Available in white, virgin recyclable plastic.  
  • Huge savings on aggregates, Requires 50% less gravel than a typical gravel surface.
  • Easy to self-install.
  • Easy to manage sheet size.
  • Easy to cut using pruning shears, heavy-duty scissors or disc cutter.
  • The sheets are highly flexible, allowing them to bend slightly and follow the contour of the ground.
  • No need for a separate weed membrane 50g/m2 non- woven geotextile firmly heat welded to the underside of the grid.
  • All COREgravel stabilisers have been designed for a specific task, so now you don’t have to spend out on a heavy grid capable of taking HGV traffic to form a pathway.

Brief Install Guide:
CORE Path can be laid over firm ground on a 10-15mm sharp sand blinding, if ground is soft, firm with thin layer of sub-base depending on CBR (California Bearing Ratio) of existing ground. Each pack requires 200 kg or 10 bags of gravel, ensuring there is a thin layer of gravel to cover the grid. Can also be laid directly over existing concrete, tarmac, gravel or paving slabs. Simply level the existing surface, with a blinding of sharp sand. Ensure adjoining surfaces finish level to avoid trip hazards. Clip the sheets together and back fill with your chosen gravel. 

Coverage: 6.50m2 (70 Sq.ft) per pack. Each pack contains 14 sheets measuring 785mm (31 in) x 580mm (23 in). 1 pack will surface a pathway 11 m long x 0.8 m wide, or a 6.50m2 area without the need to cut any sheets. 1 ton of 6/8mm gravel laid at 25mm depth (18mm in the grid and 7mm over the grid) will cover approximately 35m2. 

Click Here for a CORE Path Install Guide.

Click Here for CORE Path Specifications and Install Guide.

We are the Canadian/US Distributors for the CORE Gravel product line. Contact us for an estimate on a project or to purchase our materials for your personal or civic project.