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CORE Landscape Products is dedicated to assisting you, our clients, your contractors, and architects in creating foundations that are cost effective, permeable, durable, and good for the environment.

Create eco-friendly, 100% permeable foundations for private and public spaces

The core of our product line is a proven system of honeycomb-celled polypropylene interconnecting panels (shown above). When filled with aggregate or turf it forms a stabilizing base ideal for public spaces, driveways, access roads, parking lots, pathways, rooftops, or landscaped parks and gardens.

Add electricity free aggregate lighting to your home - inside and out

CORE Glow™ stones and aggregates provide beautiful yet subtle outdoor or indoor lighting solutions that requires no electrical power source, making it ideal for pathways,driveways, edging, flower beds, interior decor and more.

Add decorative outdoor and indoor privacy screens to your home

Redefining outdoor living spaces, CORE Landscape Products brings you three standout Privacy Screen collections to enhance your outdoor and indoor living space.

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