CORE Foundations for Steep Slopes

Are you thinking about installing a permeable driveway? First, I would recommend reading The Top 5 Reasons Why you should choose CORE Permeable Paving. But for all, you steep slope folks, read on.

When thinking about your steep driveway, one might believe that they only have one material that is strong enough, however, not only do we have the solution for you, we will work alongside your municipality and fire department to get approval for your project.

CORE's 60-40 Foundation is one of the only permeable paving foundations that is an extra heavy-duty permeable grid designed for steep slopes (over 20 degrees). CORE's 60-40 permeable foundation is a proven winner with its superior strength and unmatched design. It is equipped with lateral drainage features and build in pinholes designed specifically for slopes.

Watch this video of a fully-loaded Fire Truck on CORE Foundations

CORE prides itself on working closely with project managers, architects, fire marshalls, and municipalities to ensure you have the most suitable foundation for your project.

Reach out if you want to learn more about permeable foundations and why they are perfect for your project. Get in touch via email or social, we are here Monday-Friday, 9-4:30PST.

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