Good-bye 2020, Hello 2021.

One of the most important lessons learned in 2020 was the importance of creating a space that brings comfort, relaxation, and joy. We are predicting that 2021 is the year you get those dream projects done. Make that garden path you have always wanted, create the perfect outdoor fire pit area, upgrade that cracked cement driveway to a beautiful, eco-friendly, permeable grid that will last a lifetime or add a Green Roof to your building! Invest in an environmentally sustainable future by choosing sustainable landscaping options, such as CORE Foundations. 

While we love to brag about our spotlight on the Property Brothers Celebrity IOU with Justin Hartley, it has provided us with a platform to spread the message about sustainable landscaping. Traditional landscaping materials, such as concrete and asphalt wreak havoc on the environment. They create land-based dead zones, where life cannot flourish and they also come with a very high Carbon footprint, just check out our Emissions Calculator. CORE Foundations are available in gravel or grass and our grids range from beautiful, accessible pathways to heavy-duty, high load capacity commercial grade grids, all of which are ADA compliant.

Our honeycomb gravel grids are used in every type of weather condition you can imagine. In fact, our SOLEPAVE grid was installed 2 weeks before Hurricane Sandy tore through NYC..and guess what, it HELD. Not only did it hold, but it's still in perfect condition and can be found at the Four Freedoms Park. 

2020 is behind us and we all struggled and learned so much that 2021 is the year of action. Going forward I believe it's up to us as stewards of this earth to choose sustainable choices. Whether that be a reusable grocery bag, electric car or a permeable foundation, the consumer holds the power to create REAL change. 

Cheers to a new year, a new world, and endless opportunities for change.

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