Top 5 reasons why you should choose CORE Permeable Paving

Thinking about choosing a permeable paving foundation? Good idea. And here are our top 5 reasons why:

  1. Cost Effective

    Our CORE Permeable Paving Foundation is less expensive than both concrete paving and pavers. Plus, you may also be eligible for a rebate! Many municipalities/towns/cities have realized the advantage of permeable paving foundations and offer homeowners “green renovation” incentives. Why? Because permeable surfaces take the pressure off our storm sewer system, resulting in a reduction in major upgrades to these services. Cost saver to the municipality, translates to rebates to you!

Check with your municipality to see if you are eligible!


  1. Water Permeable

    This is truly the main advantage of CORE Permeable Paving - water is able to flow through our foundation and back into the ground directly below where it lands. This helps to recharge the local water table, reduce the need for irrigation, minimize the risk of flooding, and nourish the many subterranean critters that live beneath our feet (plus take the pressure off the storm sewers, per Pt. 1).

Note: If you live in a flood zone, your property may have a limit on the maximum area of impermeable surfaces. Check with your municipality to see if they have impermeable/permeable surface area guidelines.

  1. Minimizes ‘Heat Island Effect’

    You know that sweltering ‘city in the summer’ feeling? This heat is caused by hot, dry concrete or asphalt that bakes in the sun. The temperature coming off these surfaces can often reach temperatures of 160o F (70o C). So walking, or even sitting on benches can be a sweltering experience. Check that against our CORE gravel surface. This free-draining, free airflow foundation can be walked on in bare feet during the summer, with minimal heat ‘waves’ coming off our surface. Overall, a much more comfortable parking lot, driveway, patio or pathway to be around.
  2. Versatile and Unique

    There are as many uses for CORE Permeable Paving. Beyond the standard parking pads, living driveways, and gravel pathways, you can also use our CORE Permeable Paving foundation to transform your entire outdoor space into a beautiful and eco-friendly space. Our favourite ‘off label’ use for CORE is in xeroscaping installations. Xeroscaping reduces water usage, decreases lawn maintenance time and effort, eliminates the need for lawn-care fertilizers and pesticides, and looks beautiful. Add in a few drought-tolerant native grasses and pollinator plants, and you’ll have an outdoor space that is low-maintenance, low-cost, and great for the environment.



  1. Great for the Environment

We could write a manifesto on the environmental benefits of permeable paving, including:

  • The improvement permeable foundations have on the local microbiome and water table.
  • No more ‘dead zones’ where life cannot flourish underneath a permeable vs impermeable surface
    • The ground beneath our feet not only supports agriculture, incredible biodiversity, and our human civilization, but also is home to a vast network of microbes, worms, fungi, roots, viruses, and more that run the complex foundation of nutrient cycling that manages the very climate we rely on to survive.

We can encourage this network to thrive by using permeable foundations wherever possible.

Feel great about choosing CORE Permeable Paving! Low cost, great looking, and way better for our environment.

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