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Lucedentro - Photoluminescent Tiles and Paint

Lucedentro is a company founded in 2006 which deals with photo-luminescent applications that has made of versatility one of its strengths. Lucedentro crosses over many fields: design, security, building materials and energy savings.Lucedentro offers solutions of technical and aesthetic quality, made in collaboration with designers, architects, artists who are able to express the full potential of the luminescence.

The photoluminescent decorative Listellos and wall-decors are a brilliant application of the technology used to realize the glass mosaic and the photoluminescent pebbles. This avant garde product is perfectfor creating a unique atmosphere for a SPA, a wellness area or just for your private bathroom – in addition to the natural emotion led by photoluminescence, Lucedentro wall-decors ensure a natural and never-ending security system in case of temporary blackout.

The photoluminescent glass Listellos, available in different color mixings, applicable on both wall and floor, bring a special energy to bathrooms and wellness centers. 

Our photoluminescent stripes are available in the regular flat tile version, as irregular photoluminescent glass pebbles and as slightly rounded gems.

Lecedentro Glass Mosaic Tiles

Transform any space into a breezy seaside escape using these stunningly-crafted mosaic tiles.

The Lucedentro Mosaic Tiles consists of a Italian-made photoluminescent glass mosaic stones made up of 1” square glass tiles on mesh, and is available in various mixed colors of yellow green, blue and aquamarine shades. Mosaic tiles are ideal for kitchens, wellness centers, swimming pools, bathroom environments and more.  Our mosaic tile lines create an unforgettable emotional experience.  Recharge with sunlight or normal electrical light. Try one colour or mix and match to create a stunning surface all your own. Buy Lucedentro Mosaic Tiles

Lucedentro Photoluminescent Paint

Developed by Lucedentro’s research and development team, a new glow-in-the-dark product for applications in the fields of security and decoration; photoluminescent paint. It is suitable for wall paint applications on any hard surface (walls, plaster, stone, concrete, asphalt, etc.).

SAFETY:  Paint applicable in all contexts where visibility is required in the absence of light, particularly suitable for road signs and in case of a blackout for signs of escape routes.
DECORATION:  Paint for design and decoration, and for creating a play of color and contrast in bathrooms, trendy bars, wellness and relaxation areas and more.

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Lucedentro Photoluminescent Silicone

Lucedentro photoluminescent silicone is a cutting edge product ideal for technical & artistic solutions. Enhance the installation of your new Lecedentro photoluminescence tiles. Can be used with common silicone, caulk and glue applicators.

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