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Install Guide

Install Guide

CORE Gravel™ Driveway Install Guide

DIY Friendly! A driveway install using the CORE Landscape gravel foundation system can be completed in 2 - 3 days. Enjoy your rut and weed free driveway for years to come knowing you chose a eco-friendly solution. Your lawn, trees and shrubs will benefit from a cooler environment and will be able to take advantage of moisture absorption through your new permeable driveway.


For base preparation, level and clear the area, then excavate and compact allowing for grid thickness and an additional 10mm surface dressing of aggregate. Level the surface with 10-20mm of sharp sand to ensure a smooth base. Sand base is optional.


Lay the panels with the geotextile face down, aligning the first row against a stationary edge if possible. Cut to shape wearing protective gloves to avoid abrasions. Stagger panels in a bricklayer pattern and clip together using the interlocking connectors on all sides to form one continuous matrix.

Ensure the overlapping edge of the attached geotextile membrane is flat to receive the next panel. The panels should should sit 10mm below the adjacent surface to allow for gravel coverage. CORE Gravel can be laid on slopes up to 20 degrees without the need for any additional ground pegs.


Infill gravel or aggregate into the hexagon cells by hand, or directly from a truck. Trucks should be careful to avoid sharp turns on unfilled panels.

Preferably the truck should dump gravel first on the edge of the installation area, then work inward, therefore only driving on filled cells. Gravel can be spread by hand with flat shovels, rakes, blades, or stiff brooms.


Level the gravel or aggregate to cover the panels by 10mm so that they are just out of sight. This allows for aesthetics, stability and protection. Optionally, a vibrating compaction plate or roller can be used to set the gravel into the cells.

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