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Create decorative evening & night lighting without the use of electricity

CORE Glow™ provides a beautiful yet subtle outdoor lighting solution that requires no electrical power source, making it ideal for pathways, driveways, edging, and more.

Commercial Grade & Quantum Grade Glow Aggregates

The Strongest ‘Glow’ on the Market! Our new Quantum-grade Glow Aggregates Pump up the Power!

We maxed out the possibilites of photoluminescent lighting with our new line of Quantum-grade glow aggregates, the best and brightest glow available in the world.  Quantum has been formulated to maximize the brightness and longevity of the glow stones while ensuring no photoluminescent microcrystal is wasted. All of our Core Glow aggregates can be used in outdoor and indoor concrete applications, as a gravel additive for pathways, sidewalks and roads, in pool gunite (dry mix processes), cement countertops, tabletops, indoor and outdoor fountains.

see_the_difference.pngQuantum is:
60% more powerful than commercial grade glow stones
Glow Duration: 12+ Hours
Charge time: 10 mins 
Lifespan: 20+ years 

Environmental Accountability:
Quantum is a highly durable product, designed for long-term usage. We are committed to continuously innovating to make Core Glow products longer-lasting, more durable, and brighter, in order to continuously improve our environmental impact. Thank you for joining us on this journey. 

Core Glow products are compliant with Dark Sky guidelines for light pollution reduction.

0.5-1mm, 1mm - 3mm, 3mm - 8mm, and 8mm – 15mm

Colour Options:
White - Glows Aqua
White - Glows Green
White - Glows Blue

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Coverage guide:


Glow Stones

Glow Stones (plastic pebbles and cobbles) are ideal for spreading in gravel driveways, sidewalks and pathways for a night time glow. Add evening light to your aquarium, potted plants, pond and water features. CORE Glow Stones can also be used in indoor concrete applications.

Stones: 1”
Cobbles: 2”

Colour Options:
Light Blue – Glows Bright Blue
White - Glows Blue
Green - Glows Green

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Glow Powder


CORE Glow Powder – Make EVERYTHING Glow! This non-toxic and environmentally friendly product is safe for kids and pets and is very versatile. Mixing our CORE Glow Powder in clear mediums such as polyurethanes, epoxies, plastics or acrylic emulsions will render that medium to glow in the dark after being charged by light: either sunlight or lamplight.

CORE Glow Powder is safe for use in consumer products such as clothing, shoes, caps, watches, novelties, tackle and sporting goods. For outdoor applications, you can achieve excellent results on buildings, decorative motifs, traffic vehicles, military installations, fire emergency system as well as escape route signs. Our proprietary luminescent material ensures a strong absorbency to both store and emit light. This excellent storing capability ensures that light is slowly release during the night (10-12 hours).

Additional CORE Glow Powder uses include: • Candles-gel/wax • Ceramics and ceramic glaze • Fabric, acrylic and oil paint • Nail polish and acrylic or gel nails • Hair gel • Caulking • Glass making

1 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., & 16 oz.

Colour Options:
White – Glows Aqua, Blue or Green

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