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CORE Landscape Questions & Answers

What to know about stabilized gravel driveway foundations and more.

  • Can I use CORE Gravel to achieve an ADA-compliant surface?

    Soft surfaces are difficult for people with mobility impairments to negotiate and therefore should be avoided. CORE Gravel allows a natural look, yet still able to be navigated by road bicycles, strollers, and wheelchairs not designed for outdoor terrain. The ADAAG states, “Materials stabilized and retained by permanent or temporary geotextiles (mesh), gridforms, or similar construction may perform satisfactorily for persons using wheelchairs and walking aids.”

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  • How well does CORE Gravel hold up to snow plow use?

    It is a free draining system and does not hold heat (unlike asphalt or concrete). As such, we the first snowfall does not melt and freeze on our surfaces. If the day’s warmth does melt the snow, our system is free draining, allowing the melting snow to drain right through (no pooling, followed by freezing, = icy surface). When using a snowplow or blade, we recommend setting the blade or level at ~2” above the top layer of our gravel surface.

  • What are the temperature ranges for the product?

    -45c to +70c

  • What about weeds, will they grow through the gravel?

    The geotextile membrane material that is fused to the bottom of CORE Gravel is a weed suppressor.

  • Is CORE Gravel a porous paving solution?

    Water runs through the gravel and geotextile membrane across the ENTIRE surface so this is a true porous paving product.
    “Pervious surfaces can be either porous or permeable. The important distinction between the two is:

    • Porous surfacing is a surface that infiltrates water across the entire surface.
    • Permeable surfacing is formed of material that is itself impervious to water but, by virtue of voids formed through the surface, allows infiltration through the pattern of voids.”
      -CIRIA (the construction industry research and information association)
  • Does this product meet the requirements for SUDS?


    Our products are compatible with Sustainable (Urban) Drainage Solutions. Our CORE Landscape foundations are porous surfaces. SUDS can be either porous or permeable. 

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  • What type of gravel should I use on my driveway or pathway?

    We recommend gravel 10 mm (<1/2″) in size or less for the 38 mm (1.5") wide cells, and up to 16 mm (5/8") in size for our larger cells (at 50 mm - 65 mm, or 2" - 2.5"). This gravel can be either pea gravel or (clean) angular gravel. 

  • What size is the sheet of CORE Gravel / CORE Grass?

    We sell our CORE Gravel stabilizer panels in various sizes:

    • MEDIUM – 31.5 x 45.3 inches (800 x 1150mm), 28.5 x 47.2 inches (720 x 1200mm), 31.5 x 47.2 inches (800 x 1200 mm) or 39.4 x 45.3 inches (1000 x 1150 mm) – grid type dependent
    • JUMBO – 47.2 x 90.6 (1200 x 2300 mm), 47.2 x 94.5 inches (1200 x 2400mm), or 39.4 x 90.6 inches (1000 x 2300 mm) – panel type dependent – Jumbo is only offered for full container orders

    Custom colors are also available.

  • What are our products made from?

    • Virgin polypropylene, which means we use less product to get the structural stability needed.  Light weight and recyclable!
    • Recycled plastic – a thicker plastic, but produced with 100% recycled material
  • Is a CORE Gravel driveway, parking lot or pathway easy to install?

    We have a unique interlocking system which makes installation of our sheets a “snap”. Installation conditions vary and may require some engineering (i.e. steeper slopes) or other professional input, therefore, we recommend our product be installed by professionals.

  • What is the maximum slope for installation?

    Designed for slopes up to 20°, for slopes larger than this you can pin with large galvanized nails

  • Is a CORE Gravel driveway or pathway installation easy to maintain?

    While you do not have the rutting and aggregate migration of traditional gravel installations, you still need to occasionally sweep/rake the gravel. If you can see the CORE Gravel structure, you should sweep/rake gravel to completely cover the honeycomb structure, thus preventing damage.

  • Is CORE Gravel environmentally friendly?

    CORE Gravel™ provides a porous paving solutions returning water back to the environment where it belongs, instead of pooling or causing the flooding problems of traditional pavement installations. In addition CORE Gravel™ is recyclable, UV and heat resistant!

  • Can you drive cars on a CORE Gravel, or is it just for walking?

    You can drive and park cars and trucks on the CORE Gravel product.  Even without being gravel/soil filled, it can withstand a minimum of 62 tons of pressure per square metre. After being filled with aggregate, CORE Gravel can withstand more than 300 tons of pressure per square metre (60-40 CORE Gravel panel). Our honeycomb CORE design offers superior strength.

  • What is the luminescent material use in the CORE Glow?

    • Our phosphorescence material is Strontium Aluminate. It is a solid, odorless, nonflammable, pale yellow powder which is both chemically and biologically inert. It is 10 times brighter and glows 10 times longer than its predecessor Zinc Sulphide.
    • It produces green and aqua hues.
  • Can I attach the Core glow pebbles to a surface?


    • You can attach our Core Glow pebbles to most surfaces using an epoxy or any other adhesive compatible with PP (polypropylene)
    • Do NOT use urethane adhesives
  • When installing CORE Gravel do you need to peg the edges down?

    • Sometimes, it depends on how it is installed; if there is edging used or cut against a curb for example it is not needed.
    • In cases where there is no excavation, just laying the panels down then securing the edge may be necessary.
    • In areas where the grade is over 30°, then anchors are recommended after step 2 (above).
  • What can you use for edgings?

    You can use a variety of products, rock, and brick, wood, plastic, metal and concrete.

  • Is there a lot of maintenance involved?


    • Occasional raking/sweeping of top layer (.5 inches).
    • For snow plowing set the grade 1-2 inches above gravel and redistribute the gravel after snow melt.
    • Every few years add small amounts of gravel as needed.
  • Can you mark a gravel parking lot?

    CORE Markers are visible night and day and are able to withstand all types of traffic and conditions.

  • What is a CORE Marker?

    • CORE Markers are an unobtrusive but visible hexagon shaped plug that set snugly into the CORE Gravel stablizer panels.
    • They come in non-luminescent styles and colours.
  • Can I control the amount of drainage with CORE Gravel?

    By installing a sub-base up to 12 inches followed by a shallow layer of sand (optional, provided you can achieve a level surface using your sub-base material) you can gain maximum drainage.

  • What are some of the benefits of using a CORE Gravel product?

    • Natural footprint
    • Sustainable homes
    • Sustainable business
    • Easy to recycle
    • Increase ground water quantity
    • Increase ground water quality
    • Protects our lakes and rivers
    • Protects our wildlife and bio-diversity
    • Valuable cooling effect
    • Reduced risk of flooding

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