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Modinex Privacy Screen solutions for stylish outdoor and indoor living spaces.

Transform your space with style and ease. Modinex Privacy Screens are a wood-poly composite, ideal for exterior and interior use. Ideal for adding privacy and decor accents to your homes exterior and interior living environment. OUTDOOR Use Modinex panels to filter sunlight and create privacy around your deck. Use as fence panels rather than solid wood to let light and air in for healthier landscape gardening. Ideal solution for hiding trash bins, pool equipment and equipment. INDOOR Use as direct wall mounts to add texture and colour to exterior and interior walls. Create elegant interior room dividers using the repeatable patterned privacy screens.

Quality Construction and DIY Installation. Modinex Privacy Screens are a durable, sustainable wood-poly composite (WPC) with a natural timber look and feel. No sealing, painting or maintenance required and can be finished or painted to enhance your decor. Resistent to water, mold, mildew, and termites, Modinex panels are quick and easy to install with standard tools and harware.

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Ideal for...

Wall & Fence Decor Deck & Patio Perimeters
Enclosures for Trash Bins Hide Pool or A/C Equipment
Interior Decor Accents Room Dividers

Panel Sizes

2' x 4' (24" x 48") 3' x 6' (36" x 72")

Patterns & Privacy Ratings 

3' x 6' Privacy Screens (Charcoal & Espresso)

2' x 4' Privacy Screens (Charcoal & Espresso)

Do it Yourself Installation

MODINEX Indoor/Outdoor Panels are Quick and Easy to Install


Follow instructions and recommendations for a professional installation within warranty, and to avoid damaging the panel.

1. Prepare surface-mount or free-standing frame(s).
2. Pre-drill screw holes in panels.
3. Mount panels to frame/surface with screws on all four sides.

Please read and follow our detailed installation instructions.

We recommend following best building practices for installing these panels, in accordance with their intended purpose. We warranty the material integrity of our product, but the installer assumes responsibility for the installation. If in doubt, consult a professional. In some cases, building approval may be required for decorative or privacy panels. We recommend checking with the proper authorities to determine if any building codes or standards apply to your project.

MODINEX panels are designed for wall installation only. Horizontal mounting, as in a roof/ceiling position, is not recommended and is not covered by the Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

MODINEX panels are warranted against peeling, rotting, cracking, blistering, and abnormal discoloration/fading under normal atmosphere and weather conditions. This limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, improper storage or handling, improper installation, or any horizontal roofing/ceiling applications.

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