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CORE Landscape Products
Commercial Projects

These projects show the variety of ways clients have taken advantage of our CORE Gravel™ line of stabilized gravel and grass surfaced foundation systems. From large public spaces to a home driveway foundation installation CORE Landscape offers environmentally sensitive, attractive and long lasting solutions.

Shirley Chisholm State Park

CORE Product: CORE Gravel 60-40
Installation Method: Contractors, Galvin Brothers
The Shirley Chisholm State Park is named in honour of Shirley Chisholm, an iconic Brooklyn woman who set out to become the first African American Congresswomen and Presidental candidate. Shirley became an advocate for women and minorities throughout her lifetime and served seven terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Shirley Chisholm State Park is a beautiful, 407 acres of land offering 10 miles of biking and hiking trails. The park offers spectacular panoramic views, including views of the New York skyline and Jamaica Bay. In 2019-2020 the park underwent a 20 million dollar renovation, to provide more amenities and accessibility for park users. Part of the renovation included an installation of over 10,800 sq. ft of CORE Gravel for accessible pathways and pedestrian areas. It is an honour to be part of such a monumental place and to be able to provide accessibility for everyone to enjoy the park for years to come.

Commodore Perry Estates (Austin Texas)

CORE Product: CORE Gravel Foundations

Nearly a century old, the Commodore Perry Estate has taken many forms: showpiece Italianate mansion, school campus, and an event space listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Now converted into Auberge Resorts Collection’s first “urban escape,” the 10-acre Hancock property is unveiling it’s glamorous makeover on June 29, 2020.

To help keep the area eco-friendly, urban, clean and stable, they incoporated CORE Gravel & Grass Foundations throughout their landscape.

Golf Course Green Parking Lot (75 000 sq ft) | Golf Exécutif Montréal, Montreal

Core Product: CORE Gravel 65-30
Installation Method: Contractor, gravel with light top-dress
If anyone can appreciate a gorgeous expance of lush grass, it's a golf course. The wonderful people of Golf Exécutif Montréal went a whole level further to give their guests a taste of the greens when they first arrive with CORE Grass, our system that protects grass roots and prevents compaction, enabling the field to stand up to heavy vehicle traffic. Check it out for yourself on the green!

CORE Gravel Stabilization around Trees (protect tree roots)

Core Product: CORE Gravel Residential & Commercial Applications
Details: CORE Gravel Foundations used to help protect tree roots. Systems are easy to cut, permeable, durable & Stable.

Fire Access Lanes & Grass Pathways | Travaasa Hana Resort (Maui)

Core Product: CORE Grass 60-40
Installation Method: Dense coverage application to create a path
'The Road To Hana'. CORE Grass was fortunate enough to be involved in this very unique resort's upgrades to ensure fire truck access throughout their golf resort. Getting around Maui's beautiful Travaasa Hana Resort is typically done via golf cart pathways. The resort needed to upgrade these pathways to allow fire truck access. Bring in CORE grass! Fire Marshall satisfied, resort still green. Check.

Accessible Driveway & Home Entrance | Multi-Family Complex

Core Product: CORE Gravel Foundations
Installation Method: Contractor, flush with surrounding concrete landscaping

CORE worked with the builders of this Multi-Family Complex, to provide a system to help them create a stabilized, eco-friendly and beautiful,This area is now stable, weed free and will allow for minimal maintenance. Not only will it be structurally sound for vehicle access, it will also be accessible to wheelchairs, bikes, strollers and more!

Gravel Pathways and Landscape Areas | Four Freedoms Park (New York City)

Core Product: CORE Gravel 60-40
Installation Method: Contractor
CORE was pleased to be a part of the Four Freedoms Park Project: a memorial to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Located on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island in New York City, the park opened in 2012, and is free to the public. CORE Gravel can be found throughout the park, from the entry (base of stairs), the walkway leading to the bust of FDR himself.

Public Park for Walking and Biking | Cabot Square, Montreal

Core Product: CORE Gravel 60-40 & Resin applied
Installation Method: Contractor, gravel with SOLEPAVE resin bonding system
The revitalization of Cabot Square in Montreal is all about building and working on a strategy addressing Indigenous homelessness in Montreal. We were thrilled to be involved with the redevelopment of this historic site. With a CORE Gravel foundation topped with the Soluv, this bound gravel surface will be suitable for any weather Montreal can throw at it.

A Gathering Place For Tulsa - Adventure Playground

Core Product: CORE Commercial Grid
Installation Method: Contractor, gravel with light top-dress
A Gathering Place for Tulsa, OK is the largest public park project ever built exclusively with public funds. We are proud to be part of this exciting new project. CORE Landscape supplied the material for the Adventure Playground portion of the park, providing over 25,000 sq. ft. of CORE Gravel foundation panels.

A Gathering Place for Tulsa transforms nearly 100 acres of Tulsa’s waterfront along the Arkansas River into a dynamic and active space. This project blends nature with an urban setting providing Tulsans and visitors more space to play, relax and gather together along the river. The park, centrally located, includes features such as a lodge, boathouse, nature walks, adventure playground, two land bridges connecting the two sides of river parks, sporting areas and a pond.

Heavy Vehicle Access & Storage Sites

Core Product: CORE Gravel Heavy Duty Foundations
Details: CORE Foundations for Heavy Vehicle Access Sites, Storage Facilities, RV & Camping Locations

Fire Access Lanes, Overflow Parking & Grass Pathways | Puma Headquarters

Core Product: CORE Grass 70-40
Installation Method: Contractor, Hand-seeded

Core super heavy duty 70-40 Grass System is perfect for high-use commercial grade installations. This turf at Puma Headquarters is ready to be used as overglow parking and emergency access lane while looking like a beautiful field the rest of the time. Win-win!

Outdoor Commercial Sitting Area | Pemberton Brewing Co.

Core Product: CORE 65-30 Commercial Grid
Installation Method: Contractor, gravel with light top-dress
Pemberton Brewing Co's public patio area was due for an upgrade. The patio was created using our CORE Gravel Foundations. This stabilized the gravel created a natural and beauitful look that fit in with the rugged outdoor landscape, and created a safe surface for wheelchairs, strollers, and more.

Community Parking Lot and Home Access | Habitat For Humanity (2019)

Core Product: CORE Gravel 60-40 Commercial Grid
Installation Method: Contractor, Filled to top of grid system
CORE was part of 2019 build of 10 family homes in the Comox Valley. CORE Gravel 60-40 was installed in their parking lot, to help create a low maintenance, durable, safe and eco-friendly are for the families and guests to park.

Elim shores / Independent & Assisted Living

CORE Product: CORE Gravel 50-35

Elim Shores Independent and Assisted Living is an intimate, community-focused campus located on eight scenic acres on the banks of Mitchell Lake in Eden Prairie.

In 2020, the compus incorporated CORE Gravel Foudnations in a ADA compliant pathway. They were able to keep their natural urban look, and create a safe, stable and permeable pathway.

Boardwalk Resort (Gilchrist Texas)

Core Product: CORE Gravel 60-40 Commercial Grid
Installation Method: Contractor

14 parking stalls (40,000 sq ft) were installed at the Boardwalk Resort in Gilchrist, Texas, meeting the local standards for % of permeable surfaces required in new developments. This CORE 60-40 system is stable, permeable, low-maintenance system - a perfect fit.

Wellesley College Science Center (Ongoing completion ~ Summer 2021)

CORE Product: CORE Gravel 50-35

The existing Science Center was constructed in the 1920s and expanded in later decades, while making the most of one of the college's most cherished assets—its historic landscape. The current plan will modernize existing infrastructure, while creating new spaces to sustain Wellesley's position at the forefront of science education. The design concept envisions the Science Center as a "living laboratory," with strong connections to the surrounding landscape. The design opens up the fortress-like buildings to the outdoors, and also introduces two new gardens that will be used for scientific and ecological pedagogy.

Community Garden Wheelchair Friendly Pathways | Share the Harvest

Core Product: CORE 65-30 Commercial Grid
Installation Method: Contractor, gravel with light top-dress
Share the Harvest Community Garden (Courtenay BC), installed CORE Gravel Foundtions to create permeable and wheelchair friendly pathways and access areas. Perfect for a earth-friendly, forward thinking community garden. Not to mention, having a permeable system helps keep water in the area, providing a cooler micro-climate for the community garden in the summer and helping save on watering!

Glacierview Lodge Wheelchair Rriendly Greenhouse

Glacier View Lodge is a complex care facility providing progressive, long-term residential care, and various associated community services primarily for seniors of the Comox Valley.

In 2018 they incorporated CORE Gravel in their greenhouse area for ease of access and use. They also incorporated indoor art screens in swinging doors for their residence.

Subtle Parking Lot | Elizabeth Lake Lodge - Cranbrook BC

Core Product: CORE Gravel 65-30 Commercial Grid
Installation Method: Contractor, Filled to top of grid system with parking markers
Using our CORE Gravel 65-30 Foundation, the folks at Elizabeth Lake Lodge installed this stable, low maintenance, permeable, and beautiful looking parking space. Photo credit: Janice Strong (Mountain Footsteps)

Lost Dunes Golf Club

Core Product: CORE Gravel Foundations
Project: Lost Dunes Golf Club incorprated CORE Gravel to stabilize gravel & to avoid dust and bouncing of balls (vs. concrete).

Gravel Parking Lot | CORE Gravel 65-30 Install

Core Product: CORE 65-30 Commercial Grid
Installation Method: Contractor, gravel with light top-dress

CORE Gravel 65-30 can be installed on flat or slightly sloped areas. Our system was installed here, to create an affordable and eco-friendly parking lot. The design is clean and will require little to no maintenance in the upcoming years.

Restaurant Patio & Seating Area | Cumberland Brewing Company

Core Product: CORE 50-30 Commercial Grid
Installation Method: Contractor, gravel with light top-dress
Cumberland Brewery reached out to us looking for a product that was suitable for a public patio. Their installation was quick and easy, and outcome is beautiful and dries quickly from the sudden rain that we get here on the West Coast! The gravel surfaces help absorb loud noises and don't cause echoes like concrete surfaces - way better for an outdoor brewery!

Grass Parking Lot | Southland Bus Facility (Calgary Alberta)

Core Product: CORE 50-35 Commercial Grid
Installation Method: Contractor, gravel with light top-dress
In progress photos of a CORE Grass Parking lot being installed at the Southland Bus Facility (Calgary Alberta).

Community Greenway | Cottonwood Greenway (Comox BC)

Core Product: CORE Gravel 50-35
Installation Method: Local contractor, gravel with light top-dress
When the City of Comox received a grant to upgrade a concrete path to a true local greenway, we were OVERJOYED! One less concrete path breaking up our ecosystem, replaced by a permeable, earth-friendly pathway that is more comfy to walk on and costs less to maintain. This satisfyingly crunchy, stable path is now a feature of the Town of Comox restoration projects around building more commuity green spaces and watershed management projects.

Long Gravel Driveway | Habitat For Humanity 2016 Build

Core Product: CORE Gravel 60-40 Commercial Grid
Installation Method: DIY & Volunteer built, Filled to top of grid system
Core Gravel installed a 6000 ft. permeable gravel driveway and parking areas for a Habitat For Humanity multifamily development in Courtenay, British Columbia. The CORE gravel portion of the project was performed over a 5 day period and completed with the help of volunteers of all ages and skill sets. CORE gravel is truly a DIY friendly system!

Beer Garden Patio Seating Area | Lauterbacher am See, Augsburg, DE

Core Product: CORE Gravel 60-40 Commercial Grid
Installation Method: Contractor, Filled to top of grid system
Yes, you can put tables and chairs on gravel! The CORE Stabilization system is great for a restaurant patio - the permeable system keeps things cool and clean in the summer months, and the area is accessible for all. Not to mention, any food or drinks spilled just flow though.

Wheelchair friendly beach access | Saratoga Beach

Core Product: CORE Gravel 60-40 Commercial Grid
Installation Method: Contractor
CORE Gravel 60-40 foundation was used here by the Comox Valley Regional District to create a handicapped parking stall, a wheelchair, stroller and bike-friendly access route to the beachfront at Saratoga Beach. This low maintenance surface is ideal for the harsh conditions found along the shoreline of Vancouver Island.

Apartment Complex Parking | CORE Gravel 65-30 Install

Core Product: CORE 65-30 Commercial Grid
Installation Method: Contractor, gravel with light top-dress
CORE Gravel 65-30 Parking Lot, Vilnius City

Park Trail | Port Augusta Park - Town of Comox

Core Product: CORE 50-35 Commercial Grid
Installation Method: Contractor, gravel with light top-dress
On behalf of the Town of Comox Core Gravel constructed Port Augusta Park Trail. This 500m long winding pathway goes from Beaufort Avenue to the beach at Comox Bay. It was created using the CORE Gravel system which allows for a curved path design that fits well within the environment. This stabilized gravel surface is attractive, safe, weed free and stays dry year round. The Town of Comox loves the low maintenance provided with the use of the CORE Gravel system.

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