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Sadu Pixel Matrix, Kuwait

CORE glow beads - Sadu Pixel Matrix Project in Kuwait

What a unique, creative, and genius use of our CORE glow beads! This 3 dimensional display of sadu artwork was created for public display in 2018 in Kuwait. The artist was good enough to share his photos and details on his work:

The Sadu Pixel Matrix installation is a three-dimensional interpretation of common motifs found in traditional sadu work. It is an interactive installation in the way in which it requires the observant to view it from multiple vantage points. The installation was inspired by qualities found in traditional sadu pieces. First, the piece reflects on the geometric rigidity found in traditional sadu pieces. These geometric patterns are interpreted as a matrix of pixels levitate in space. Second, the installation reflects on the hard versus soft edges dichotomy in traditional sadu artwork. This dichotomy of hard/soft edges is translated into patterns that may have multiple readings depending on the observer's spatial location.

The installation uses 1.75 kilometers (wow!) of bead stringing wire which is divided unevenly amongst 905 threads. It incorporates 7854 glow-in-the-dark beads (considered 'pixels' for this purpose) and 8759 earring stoppers (that's a lot!) to hold the beads and stringing wires in place.

Beautiful work!

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