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Residential Projects

These projects show the variety of ways clients have taken advantage of our CORE Gravel™ line of stabilized gravel and grass surfaced foundations. From large public spaces to home driveways, CORE Landscape Products offer environmentally sensitive, attractive and long lasting solutions.

Fire-Truck Accessible Steep Slope Driveway

CORE Product: CORE Gravel 60-40 in Verde Valley, Arizona

Project Details: Transforming a steep-sloped driveway to meet the approval of the local fire marshal was achieved through the use of CORE Gravel 60-40. This system offers lateral drainage capabilities, incorporates non-rotting geo-textile for weed suppression, and is specifically designed for steep slopes. The end result not only showcases a stunning appearance but also ensures safe and accessible vehicle access to the home.


CORE Product: CORE Gravel 38-18

Project Details: An installation by Orchard Landscaping showcases a Mediterranean Modern landscaping design with a focus on drought-tolerant planting. This project seamlessly incorporates elements such as an Ipe Wood Deck, a custom steel and Ipe Wood gate entry/fencing, and Core® Gravel Retention Systems to create a harmonious and environmentally-conscious outdoor space

Designer: Camille Beehler (CBLD)

Photographer: Jessica Bodas

Bocce - Petanque Court

Bocce - Petanque Court | CORE Path
CORE Product: CORE 38-18 Light Duty Grid
Installation Method: DIY

CORE Grass & Gravel Project

CORE Product: CORE Grass 55-45

Location: Alexandria, VA

Install Method: Incorporation of CORE Grass 55-45 to create a accessible driveway that was still green and stable

Front Entrance & Parking Area | Orchard Landscapes, California

Core Product: CORE 60-40 Commercial Grid
Installation Method: Contractor, gravel with light top-dress
Remodel / Redesign of a clients from entrance and parking area. These clients incorporated CORE Gravel 60-40 to create a beautiful, permeable and stable parking and walking area. The light stone gravel and permeable system drastically cooled down the home in the summer and looks tropical and clean.

Fire Truck Access - Steep Slope Driveway

CORE Product: CORE Gravel 60-40

Yet another exceptional installation, exemplifying why architects, engineers, builders, and homeowners consistently opt for CORE for sloped driveway installations and remediation projects.

Replacing Asphalt Driveway | Eco & Safety Upgrade

Core Product: CORE 50-35 Heavy Duty Grid
Installation Method: Contractor
When we hear of someone ripping out concrete or asphalt to install our permeable system, we all do a happy dance. Permeable systems are so much better for our planet - one day the world will all be permeable! Until then, we're happy for each square foot at a time. This Residential driveway replaced a cracked asphalt driveway with CORE Gravel Foundations.

Pond Restoration (using CORE Foundations)

A unique project, that incorporated CORE Path Foundations to beautify and stabilize the surrounding landscapes of a pond.

Our clients were searching options through Google, on how to restore their pond and found our CORE Path system. We chatted on the phone to discuss plans, how to install, and see how many pieces were needed for the project. In the end, the project turned out stunning and allows it to be accessed easily, as the gravel is stable. Cutting was done easily, to allow for the curves and turns.

CORE Glow rocks will be added soon, to illuminate the area!

Sloped Driveway | Comox Lake

Core Product: CORE 60-40 Heavy Duty Gravel Grid
Installation Method: Luah Contracting approached us at CORE with a unique challenge: creating a safe and accessible driveway for a client's home on Comox Lake, BC. The project's demanding terrain required a specialized solution, and Brendan, having experience with our systems, recommended CORE Gravel 60-40.

This system, designed for steep slopes, offers lateral drainage features and incorporates a non-rotting geo-textile for weed suppression, ensuring stability and reliability. The final result is truly impressive, with vehicles now able to access the home safely, without concerns of runaway gravel or spinning tires. Before, during, and after photos capture the transformation, showcasing the successful collaboration between Luah Contracting and CORE.

Home Patio | Backyard Upgrade

Core Product: CORE 38-18 Light Duty Grid
Installation Method: DIY Project
This beautiful patio install used our 38-18 grid system for a permeable, low maintenance, satisfyingly crunchy patio base.

Rugged Sloped Driveway | Improved Safety in Icy Climates

Core Product: CORE 50-35 Heavy Duty Gravel Grid
Installation Method: Contractor
The CORE Gravel foundation grid system allows home owners to install a driveway on a sloped grade without having to go to the extra expense of paving. Plus, the aesthetic fit in beautifully with the ruggd mountain landscape. Additionally, a finished CORE Gravel driveway is porous, reducing runoff and preventing ice building up on the driveway during the winter months. Tread lightly on the Earth.

CORE Grass & Gravel Driveway

Core Product: CORE Gravel & Grass 50-35
Installation Method: Contractor, excavation and mix of gravel and grass to keep the area permeable, parkable and eco-friendly

Floating Deck & Hot Tub Base | DIY Project

Core Product: CORE 65-45 Heavy Duty Grid
Installation Method: DIY
This floating deck is made possible with the use of CORE grass 65-45 grids under the hottub and decking. The grid is strong enough to hold the hottub, whilst being low enough to allow the installation of only stringers before the final 1"X6" decking is laid down. A truly beautiful structure! So much better than concrete - this system can easily be moved, lets water flow through to prevent ice and puddles, and is better for our environment.
Ps. We now offer Handypacks specifically for permeable Hot Tub bases on our Retail page!

Sidewalk Installation | Beautiful Curvy Pathway

Core Product: CORE 38-18 Light Duty Grid
Installation Method: Hagerman General Contracting
Hagerman General Contracting (Goodwood, Ontario) reached out for CORE options for their clients, as they were looking to stabilize gravel on their sloped pathway / sidewalk. They choose CORE Path 38-18 and now have a stabilized, permeable, no maintenance, and beautiful path. This light duty flexible grid is perfect for home pathways and xeriscaping projects.

Gravel Driveway | Crofter’s Cottage, Atlanta, GA

Core Product: CORE 50-35 Heavy Duty Grid
Installation Method: DIY
This beautiful English Crofter's Cottage needed a traditional English gravel driveway to fully complement this new build. Using CORE Gravel Foundations and local gravels, this 'look' was completed by Meadco Contracting superbly!
"We were concerned about the challenges with a gravel surface, but your product eliminates them all!" - M.J. (owner)
Thank you M.J., Meadco Cont. and to Bonner Buchanan Custom Homes for including us in this spectacular build in Vinings, GA.

Gravel Patio, Pathways, Entranceway | Home Improvement

Core Product: CORE 50-35 Heavy Duty Grid
Installation Method: Contractor
Melody L (Sudbury MA) used CORE Gravel Foundations in several landscape areas. She used them to create beautiful, stabilized, and permeable areas.

"I already have a few people who, if they decide to do their projects, will definitely be getting the [CORE] grids. Our excavator, landscaper and mason were super impressed with them too, so the word will spread for sure. We're REALLY happy with the end result and the grids were super easy to use."

Driveway Upgrade | Sainte Adele, QC

Core Product: CORE Gravel 50-35 Foundation
Installation Method: Gravel with light top-dress
Project: Remodel / Redesign of clients' driveway. These clients used CORE Gravel 50-35 for an eco-friendly, permeable, and stable driveway. The gravel holds in heavy rainstorms and snowy periods and is accessible by heavy-duty vehicles. Client lives in Sainte Adele, QC

Grass RV and Boat Parking | Driveway Upgrade

Core Product: CORE 50-35 Heavy Duty Grass Grid
Installation Method: DIY
CORE Grass 50-35 used to create a living driveway, for RV and Boat parking. Look at that MASSIVE BOAT just hanging out on the lawn. Keep your neighbours wondering how you keep your lawn so healthy with our perfectly hidden grass stabilization system. - Slave Lake, Alberta

Stabilized Patio | DIY Home Upgrade

Core Product: CORE 50-35 Heavy Duty Grass Grid
Installation Method: DIY
Rachel G and her family installed a gravel seating and patio area, using our CORE Gravel Foundations. They were looking for something that would stabilize their gravel, suppress weeds, and was easy to install, as well as requireing very little maintenance. They were happy with the results, coming back for even more!.

Gravel Side Yard | Home Landscaping Remodel

Core Product: CORE 50-30 Light Duty Grass Grid
Installation Method: DIY
Remove divits and imperfections in your area by installing our satabilizing grid systems. This yard is now stable and looks gorgeous. Not to mention - no watering, weeding, or puddles ever again!

Garden Tour Walkway | Pathway & Landscape Design

Core Product: CORE 38-18 Light Duty Grid
Installation Method: DIY
Phil and family incorporated our CORE Path Foundations in their backyard landscape. They created stabilized, ADA compliant, and permeable pathways and landscapes.
"Your product is absolutely amazing. We love it and only wish we had found it a few years back before we made the mistake of trying different path materials without your product. It’s fantastic."

Garden Beds & Garden Pathways

CORE Product: CORE Path 38-18

Project: Planter boxes built, drip irrigation main lines laid, edging installed, ground leveled. CORE Path and rainbow rock pea gravel installed as the last step, so that the garden paths were permeable, stable and looked great.

Grass RV Pad/Parking

CORE Product: CORE Grass Foundations

This installation featured the incorporation of our CORE Grass Foundations to establish an RV driveway and parking pad. The primary goal was to eliminate the issues of sinking and rutting in the grass, ensuring a stable and reliable surface for the RV.

Wheelchair-friendly Garden Bed Pathways | Home Landscaping Design

Core Product: CORE 38-18 Light Duty Grid
Installation Method: DIY
Timo H (Highland Utah) installed our CORE Gravel Foundations to create permeable and eco-friendly pathways for his raised garden beds. Installation allowed the pathways to become wheelchair, bike and stroller friendly. How gorgeous is this! Not to mention low maintenance, so you can focus your energy (and watering efforts) on what matters - growing delicious food!

Long & Curved Stabilized Gravel Driveway | Rhode Island New York

Core Product: CORE 60-40 Extra Heavy Duty Grid
Installation Method: Contractor
Installed here, our Commercial Grade CORE Gravel 60-40 (with lateral drainage features) os a great fit for this climate region. David's crew created this very European, tidy, low maintenance gravel driveway leading to his lovely home in Rhode Island. David wanted a permeable driveway that was easy to construct, and that's what he received.

Gravel Driveway | Home & Landscape Design

Core Product: CORE 50-35 Heavy Duty Grid
Installation Method: Contractor
CORE Gravel 50-35 install to assist in creating a beautiful landscape and parking area. Infill can easily be completed with heavy equipment, allowing the process to run smooth and quickly.

Grass & Gravel Residential Parking Pad | Home Improvement

Core Product: CORE 50-35 Heavy Duty Grid (Grass & Gravel)
Installation Method: DIY
By utilizing a combination of CORE Gravel and CORE Grass (60-40), these homeowners ingeniously transformed the narrow space alongside their home into a practical parking area for a full-sized motorhome. Our versatile systems have the ability to stabilize various materials, including grass, turf, gravel, mulch, succulents, and more, providing innovative solutions for a range of landscaping needs.

Asphalt Replacement Treament with Core | Newland, NC

Core Product: CORE 60-40 Commercial Grid (with lateral drainage features and geo-textile fabric
Installation Method: Robyn, a Landscape Designer from North Carolina, sought an effective solution for replacing an asphalt driveway with a permeable and stabilized alternative for her client. Our dedicated CORE Team collaborated with her to identify the perfect solution that met her requirements. The end result is nothing short of spectacular, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Residential Grass Parking Area Installation | Home Improvement

Core Product: CORE 50-35 Heavy Duty Grass Grid
Installation Method: DIY
Turn an unused piece of your property into a reinforced green space that is suitable for parking vehicles, RVs or boats any time of year. This green yard belies a secret - a root protection system that prevents compaction, making the grass super hardy in the face of vehicle parking. They'd all ask how you did it :)

Residential Driveway | New Jersey

Core Product: CORE 50-35 Heavy Duty Grid
Installation Method: Contractor
CORE Gravel 50-35 installation by a local contractor. The clip togehter pieces allow for a quick and easy intall. The CORE system allows homeowners to move up and down long and curved driveways with no migration of gravel. Isn't this gorgeous?
Ps. Don't forget to click on the photo to see the project image gallery.

Gravel Roadside Parking Pad & Pathway | Eco Upgrades

Core Product: CORE 65-30 Heavy Duty Grid + CORE 38-18 Light Duty Grid
Installation Method: DIY
CORE Gravel 65-30 was used to create a stabilized gravel parking pad, and CORE 38-18 Light Duty was used for the pathway for tennants and visitors. The foundation system allowed the clients to create an appealing and stable parking area for guests. CORE Glow was added to illuminate the pathway to the home enterance! We call this the full CORE Treatment.

Sloped Driveaway with a combination of CORE Gravel & Paving

In Okanagan BC, Brett executed a comprehensive installation covering approximately 150 feet by 14 feet. CORE Gravel 60-40 Foundations were skillfully integrated into various sections, including the shoulders, midpoint turn around area, and parking area. To ensure stability and durability, larger galvanized spikes were used to secure everything along the shoulders, while the infill comprised 12 mm clear broken aggregate.

A combination of grids and paving was employed due to city regulations, resulting in a resilient and visually appealing solution that met both practical and regulatory requirements.

Transforming a Client's Driveway for Lasting Curb Appeal and Stability

CORE Product: CORE Gravel 50-35

Monroe Masonry in Los Angeles, California, undertook the installation of our CORE Foundations for a client's driveway project. The objective was to enhance curb appeal, ensure long-term stability, and create a durable surface. Unlike asphalt or concrete, CORE Foundations are designed to resist cracking and shifting, making them an excellent choice for long-term use and maintaining a pristine appearance.

Gravel Patios & Pathway

Core Product: CORE 38-18 Light Duty Grid
Installation Method: Contractor
Client in Adell, WI used CORE Path 38-18 to create two 16’ x 19’ patios connected by a 6’ wide walkway in front of our 3-season room. He wanted something that was stable, permeable, would hold in gravel, and look great!

Steps for this project:
1.Initial grading and dumping/rolling the clear stone chips by contrctor (rest was DIY on-man job)
2. Our client wheelbarrowed/spread/tamped all of the pea gravel
3. Placed aluminum edging around the entire patio
4. Added roughly 1/2” of pea gravel above the Core Path matting (total of 1.5” of pea gravel)
5. Will add some low maintnance plants to the area in fall

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