Gravel Patios & Pathway

Core Product: CORE 38-18 Light Duty Grid
Installation Method: Contractor
Client in Adell, WI used CORE Path 38-18 to create two 16’ x 19’ patios connected by a 6’ wide walkway in front of our 3-season room. He wanted something that was stable, permeable, would hold in gravel, and look great!

Steps for this project:
1.Initial grading and dumping/rolling the clear stone chips by contrctor (rest was DIY on-man job)
2. Our client wheelbarrowed/spread/tamped all of the pea gravel
3. Placed aluminum edging around the entire patio
4. Added roughly 1/2” of pea gravel above the Core Path matting (total of 1.5” of pea gravel)
5. Will add some low maintnance plants to the area in fall

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