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CORE Path Foundation Kit

CORE Path Foundation Kit

CORE Path™ is the perfect solution for pathways, patios, and small areas that require the natural beauty of gravel with the stability of the CORE Landscape Products system.

No more raking, no more muddy feet - CORE Path provides a firm, sturdy surface that requires minimal maintenance whatever the weather.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Install a CORE Path in a day or a weekend and admire your handy work!

CORE Path is suitable for:

• Pedestrian and Wheelchair Traffic
• Cycling Paths
• Wheel Barrow Use
• Creating Garden Pathways

CORE Path is available in two handy Foundation Kit sizes

70 sq.ft. Foundation Kit:
14 sheets measuring 785mm (31 in) x 580mm (23 in), with a grid thickness of 18mm (0.70 in). Each kit will cover a 8 metre long pathway X 0.8 metres wide (26’ x 2.5’), without cutting, or a 6.50m2 (70 Sq.ft) area. 

15 sq.ft. Foundation Kit:
6 sheets measuring 393mm (~16 in) x 580mm (23 in), with a grid thickness of 18mm (0.70 in). Each   pack will cover a 2.5 metre long pathway X 0.25 metres wide (8’ x 2’), without cutting, or a 1.40m2 (15 Sq.ft) area.

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