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My entire experience with Core Gravel was an overall pleasure.  I had a fairly technical application with undulating terrain and serious drainage issues. Caroline showed great patience in answering my questions while I worked out the sometimes challenging procedures of getting the mats to mold to the terrain. I found that if you want the mats to melt into uneven terrain, it's helpful to lay them in the sun to warm prior to laying them. Furthermore, I found that it was helpful to lay one mat, fill with gravel, and then lay another in the really tricky terrain. My driveway now exceeds all preconceived expectations!

- Bill, Northern California

I wanted to let you guys know that your level of customer service is something not typically encountered these days.  It’s refreshing!  And, even for a small order such as mine.

- Mike M, California

Great product and very helpful customer service. I needed to contact the company concerning the size of the grids and they provided very useful information

- Deistl R, California

Happy Spring! On our first nice day today, I did a bunch of work outside. That work included picking up windfall branches and raking our new parking area. We had lots of snow and had it plowed numerous times this winter, and I am delighted with how it held up and how it looks. We couldn’t be more pleased with choosing this product and I wanted to share some photos. Feel free to use me as a reference for other residential customers.

- Lauren Schneider, Pennsylvania

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know what a pleasure it was to deal with you guys. The core arrived the next day once it had shipped. The panels came on a pallet and was well protected. When it came to installation, Wow! How simple and fast! Will recommend this product to everyone! Now to just wait for the grass to grow!

- Kevin Whitham

Could not believe how easy it was to install. Easy to create curves and it followed the curves and contours of the land with no problem. My wife was shocked at how quickly I got the job done. 
Happy to recommend this product to anyone who wants a very lovely, stable pathway with minimal maintenance. 

- Bill, Courtenay, BC

We love our new path. The staff at CORE Landscape were extremely helpful and
knowledgeable. We will be back for more core path to make a patio area
beside our horse shoe pits.  And what a great product to buy locally in the
Comox valley.
Rob and Jodi Jackson, Merville.

- Rob & Jodi Jackson, Merville BC

We received the package and installed the Core Gravel panels. We are extremely satisfied with the product and the ease of installation.

Ours is a retrofit situation. We already had pea gravel installed in the paths of our garden, but found like many others, that it is awkward to walk on loose pea gravel and we were looking for a solution. In the installation, where possible, we cleared the pea gravel down to the original base to give the panels a flat as possible installation., but there were many spots that the pea gravel was 2-3 inches deep and in this case we levelled the gravel to a depth of 1" and laid the panels on the P-Gravel, this worked as well!

- George Low-Keen

I'd like to thank you for the excellent customer service and superior products. Your Glow in the Dark beads are the lifeline of my tiny new business. Thank you and God Bless! 

- Jason Capps 
Dirty Bay Tackle 

- Dirty Bay Tackle, Texas

I am so glad I put my project on hold to find just the right product!  CORE Gravel is not only easy to install, it also saved me time, money, and a lot of back breaking work.  This was a perfect solution for my needs as it allows water to flow freely through, keeping the patio surface clean and dry, and the pebble in place. CORE Gravel truly is a no fuss, no muss, zero maintenance product.  I have no doubt my patio surface will look just as great years from now as it did the day I installed it!  Thank you for your top-notch customer service and superior product.

- Larissa Leason

Bonjours Caroline!

This is Massimo Gallizzi from Chambly Québec. We did my drive-way in July and I forgot to send you a feedback with some pictures.

It took 2 days to do the project and on the 3rd day it didn’t look like a construction site or that work had took place.

We're very happy with the result and we got multiple compliments.

Ciao and thank you again!

- Massimo Gallizzii

The Core gravel panels (for our driveway) were very easy for us to install. We used coloured gravel, and in the 6 months that we have been parking and walking on it daily there has been no movement or stone loss at all! We are very happy with it. We are waiting for the spring to be able to install the Core grass panels. I tell everyone who asks about our driveway about Core Driveway and send them to your website.

- Ann Dunfield, Victoria, BC

I own a fishing tackle company and build custom made fishing gear in the Galveston TX area I searched for OVER 3 1/2 years for a Glow Bead that actually GLOWED! I purchased different glow beads from all over the world only to be disappointed when they arrived. The ad's always showed one thing but they never seem to work. I found Core Glow and placed an order and I was thrilled when the product arrived because these BEADS really GLOW! 
- Leonard D.

- QSL Quality Tackle, TX

I’m so impressed with how easy the product is to install. It was Super Easy, Super Fast! I didn’t even need a skill saw, just scissors!  I will send photos of the project once the rest of the landscaping is complete.

- Kathryn Everett, Garden Gate Landscaping, Maryland, USA

Caroline: I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our Core Driveway installation. We are constantly moving our trailers on and off the parking deck. The Core Driveway is stable, secure and is coping well with the uneven surfaces. Thanks again.

- Brian Smith, Coastal Home Improvement Centre, Victoria, BC

Our new CORE Gravel path is a perfect solution for a sloped walkway.  Footing is now more secure, the path looks great - and it's a permeable surface, a very important factor for us. The Rocket-edging provides an attractive, functional finish. The CORE Gravel staff we dealt with were all very knowledgeable about the product, its applications and installation.

- Kathie Woodley

The CORE Gravel has been installed and we are pleased with the product and the way it solved a major problem here on the dunes of Cape Cod Bay. Sandwich, like most towns will no longer approve asphalt or concrete driveways. The Conservation Commission would only approve crushed sea shells and on a steep dune, that would have caused a major problem.

- David DelPortato

The CORE Grass system has worked great for our small project. The space between our pie lot driveway and our neighbours was causing the grass to be driven over essentially turning it to mud. Since installing the core system the grass between the two driveways has been able grow and keep its integrity even if a vehicle drives over it. I'm very pleased with the result.
Thank you for your assistance.
Shelly Lywood, Alberta

- Shelly Lywood, Alberta