Pacific Sands Resort (Tofino BC)

CORE Product: CORE Gravel 50-35

The installation at Pacific Sands Beach Resort, a picturesque beachfront retreat on Vancouver Island's rugged west coast, features the use of CORE Foundations. Known for their stability, permeability, and durability, these foundations are an ideal choice for outdoor spaces such as patios and pathways in resort settings.

CORE Foundations effectively prevent issues like sinking or uneven surfaces, a crucial consideration for a resort where guest comfort and safety are paramount. The permeability of the system aids in water drainage, reducing the risk of puddles or flooding during rainy weather. Additionally, their low maintenance requirements and long-lasting properties ensure that Pacific Sands Resort can continue to offer a beautiful and functional outdoor space for many decades to come, delighting guests with a comfortable and safe environment in harmony with nature's waterpark.

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