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5 Green-Landscaping Tips That Will Make Your Property Beautiful (and save you time and money!)

Make your most gorgeous, eco-friendly, and low maintenenance property dreams come true with CORE Foundations and CORE Glow.

The Artist Behind our Coast Salish Privacy Screens

Noel Brown, a Coast Salish artist out of Nanaimo, BC, speaks to the story behind his art works [from an excerpt provided by Compass, a Vancouver Island magazine, Feb/Mar 2019].


Thinking about choosing a permeable paving foundation? Good idea. And here are our top 5 reasons why:

New: Core Privacy Screens

Core is excited to offer you a new range of landscape design tools. Beautifully crafted and evocative privacy screens are a perfect way to transform your indoor and outdoor spaces. Continue reading for project ideas, installation tips, and more.

HOW TO: Choose the right CORE system for your project

We offer a range of permeable paving options - this guide will help you choose the best one for your project.

CORE Gravel Installation in FDR Four Freedoms Park

Now underway! The first row of CORE Gravel 50-35HD panels are now in place in the long-awaited FDR Memorial Park, Roosevelt Island, New York.

CORE Grass Application in Australia

Using the CORE grass 60-40 grid system, additional parking was made available along the back alleys of a new Australian housing development.

Four Freedoms Park (New York) – unique resin bound gravel surface now installed!

CORE Systems has teamed up with Solecol to provide a new and unique product: Solepave! This 100% porous, attractive and stable surface has now been installed at the new Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in New York.

FDR Four Freedoms Park – Urban Design Meritt Award Winner! 2013 AIA New York Design Awards

CORE Systems is proud to be a part of this award winning project. Using our new Solepave system, 22,000 square feet of surface is part of the ‘walk’ to FDR’s bust on this beautifully Louis Kahn designed project.

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