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CORE Glow Projects

These projects show the amazing ways our clients have used CORE Glow™ to make their installations shine. Browse for your own project inspiration and if you have a CORE Glow project you want featured here, be sure to send us your best photos and we'll send you a thank you gift!

Glowing River | 'LIGHTS' art walk exhibit

Core Product: CORE Glow Commercial Grade Marble
Installation Method: Dense coverage application to create a path

"LIGHTS" is a half-mile walking trail that leads viewers through a series of immersive light installations featuring  honeycombs, vines, crystals, and other natural features integrated into the forest. The experience offers a range of approachable, multi-sensory works created by artist Meredith Connelly that are site-specific to the US National Whitewater Center.

The artist, Meredith Connelly, is inspired by science, nature, and technology. She illuminates her installations, often encasing them in everyday manufactured materials to reveal to their surprisingly organic qualities. "Walking in nature is a foundational part of my creative process, and the design concepts behind LIGHTS vividly came to life as I explored the wooded trails of the Whitewater Center. All encompassing, warm, and curious, this series of work taps into the innate connection human beings have with light and nature, bringing my work beyond the confines of manmade structures home to the spaces that inspired.”

Meredith reached out to CORE Glow in June 2019, as she was looking for a solution to create a "blue" stream that would be part of US National Whitewater Center “Lights” display. Her goal was to create the visual of a 'stream', but something that was visible at night, whilst reducing light pollution. Her research found that CORE Glow aggregates could do just that. And we are pleased to be a part of this spectacular art display!

CORE Glow was incorporated to the tune of 1,600 pounds of product! The glow used was our CORE Glow Commercial Grade Marble in Ethereal Blue. The glowing stream was located alongside the half-mile walking trail. This stream, subsequently titled the "CORE Glow Stream" (thank you Meredith!), along with a variety of other stunning lighting displays, was available for viewing from November 2019 until February 2020. To see them yourself online, go to https://usnwc.org/relax/lights/

Ring of Light | Glowing Firepit

Core Product: CORE Glow Commercial Grade Marble
Installation Method: Embedded in concrete to add electricity-free illumination around a fire pit

We often get asked if Core Glow can be installed around a firepit, and we thank our clients for sending us their awesome photos to prove it is possible and looks awesome. The Core Glow stones are able to withstand temperatures over a thousand degrees celcius, so your firepit will be glowing with the light of science even when it's not in use. Helps prevent tripping in the dark too!

Trail of Glow | Full Core Treatment

Core Product: CORE Glow Commercial Grade Marble
Installation Method: Light coverage top-dressing of resin-bonded permeable gravel pathway

Another favorite! This volunteer group located in Longview, Alberta, worked tirelessly to create a beautiful CORE gravel pathway using our gravel stabilizing panels, with stabilizing resin. But, that wasn't enough. Yes, we want to bike, walk and otherwise use our new trail system, but we want more! So, we gave it to them. Before the resin set, they installed thousands of CORE glow stones to give it a 'starlit' night effect. Why just go for a walk when you can float amongst the stars?!
These projects that have glow sparkling in the pathways are our absolute favourite - this is our vision! Gorgeous public spaces that are eco-friendly and inspiring.
Ps. if you havent already, check out our blog on why permeable surfaces are so much better for the environment!
Click through for installation process photos.

Sadu Pixel Matrix | Visual Arts Installation

Core Product: CORE Glow Ethereal Blue Beads
Installation Method: String, artistic talent, and a lot of work!

What a unique, creative, and genius use of our CORE glow beads! This 3 dimensional display of sadu artwork was created for public display in 2018 in Kuwait. The artist was kind enough to share his photos and details on his work:

The Sadu Pixel Matrix installation is a three-dimensional interpretation of common motifs found in traditional sadu work. It is an interactive installation in the way in which it requires the observant to view it from multiple vantage points. The installation was inspired by qualities found in traditional sadu pieces. First, the piece reflects on the geometric rigidity found in traditional sadu pieces. These geometric patterns are interpreted as a matrix of pixels levitate in space. Second, the installation reflects on the hard versus soft edges dichotomy in traditional sadu artwork. This dichotomy of hard/soft edges is translated into patterns that may have multiple readings depending on the observer's spatial location.

The installation uses 1.75 kilometers (wow!) of bead stringing wire which is divided unevenly amongst 905 threads. It incorporates 7854 glow-in-the-dark beads (considered 'pixels' for this purpose) and 8759 earring stoppers (that's a lot!) to hold the beads and stringing wires in place.

Beautiful work! You can follow the artist on instagram at @tabtabai

Glow Path & Steps | Concrete Installation How-To

Core Product: Core Glow Commercial Grade Marble
Installation Method: Medium coverage embedded in concrete

Neylon Excavating (Circlevill, OH) was looking for a way to light up their clients lake trail. The trail from their home to the lake is used regularly and was too hard to navigate at night . They were happy to find CORE Glow and decided to install 60 pounds of glow over 1000 sq.ft. (high density). This solution reduced light pollution and added a beautiful design.

Click through to see glowing photos and more details of the concrete installation process.

Glowing RV Pad | Backyard, Lenoir City Texas

Glowing RV Pad | Backyard, Lenoir City, Texas
Core Product: CORE Glow Commercial Grade Marble
Installation Method: Light coverage top-dressing of concrete RV pad

This just goes to show that beautiful and functional uses of Core Glow are DIY-Friendly. This client used Core Glow to create a magical floating RV pad and backyard oasis.

Keep Glowing | City of Brownsville (Texas) Historic Hike and Bike Trail

CORE Product: CORE Glow Commercial Grade Marble
Installation Method: Medium Coverage embedded into Cement

One of our favorite projects! This 9 mile long trail, named the 'Historic Battlefield Hike and Bike Trail', is located in the City of Brownsville, Texas. Every year, they add a few more miles, and a little more glow. The residents of this friendly Gulf side city are loving it. A trail where you can see where you're going, without losing your view of the night sky! What a concept.

Camouflaged Glow Patio | DIY Project

Core Product: CORE Glow Commercial Grade Marble
Installation Method: Light coverage top-dressing mixed with gravel aggregates into a contrete surface

CORE Glow Commercial Grade Marble was added to a client's patio area, this time mixed with similar sized gravel aggregates to make a textured, non-slip surface. Additionally, the other aggreate stones blend in with the Core Glow stones during the day, making the starlight effect at night even more of a welcome surprise.

Glow Patio + Cat | DIY Project

Core Product: CORE Glow Commercial Grade Marble
Installation Method: Light coverage top-dressing of resin-bonded permeable gravel pathway

This homeowner did a super job installing their own 'night sky' outside their back door. Using CORE glow commercial grade stones (CORE marble), this stone set beautifully into their concrete surface. And, because our marble and their concrete expand and contract at the same rate, they are guaranteed to 'stay put'! Create your own 'piece of art' using different patterns, sizes and colours of our CORE glow commercial grade stones.
[elusive mini black VI puma caught on night camera here)

Project Gallery | Medley of Client Projects

CORE Glow projects throughout North America!

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