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Outdoor Landscape Art

Privacy Screens: Kindred Spirits, My Salmon Bear & Eagle, and numerous others to add art to a clients landscape in Kitchner Ontario

Beautiful & Private Pergola & Patio Area

Privacy Screen: Custom Solarflare

Deck Decor & Privacy | Botanical

Privacy Screen: Botanical
Ryan from Victoria had a tree fall on his deck and needed it replaced. He didn't want to go with the usual "all wood" decking and found our CORE Decor Privacy/Art Screens. Working together with CORE and his contractor, he was able to create a beautiful and private outdoor space.

Patio Wall Install with CORE Screens

Screens: My Salmon Bear & Eagle, and Spirit Bear Lookout

Outcome: Incorporated Privacy Screens to add privacy and beauty to their patio. Creating a beautiful patio wall.

Garden & Patio Installation | Face of the Moon

Privacy Screen: Face of the Moon
Coast Salish Moon (2'x4') in a beautifully designed and decorated backyard space (they have used every square foot so perfectly!) Creating their own 'coloured' backdrop using the wood fence colour, these homeowners ensured the Moon pattern was sufficiently emphasized. Little ideas, big effects!

Fence Decor/Privacy Project | Fern Forest

Privacy Screen: Fern Forest
A local client of ours wanted to add privacy and beauty to their outdoor fence. We collaborated with a local fencing company (Simple Fencing), to help them create a unique, beautiful and weather resistance fence. We didn't have the size they wanted, so completed a "custom order" just for them.

Privacy Screen Wall | Panama

Privacy Panel: Panama
These clients visited our store and needed a design idea to create privacy between two homes. The decided upon our Nature Modinex screens and completed the framing themselves. The result = privacy, no maintenance and beauty!

Patio Privacy Wall | Panama

Privacy Panel: Panama
CORE Decor Modinex (3'x6') screens incorporated in a clients deck to add privacy and art! These beautiful screens are weather resistant and are easy to maintain & install.

Hot Tub Privacy | Cabo

Privacy Screen: Cabo
Our client wanted to add an art fence/wall around her hot tub. She wanted something that would be artistic, durable and create privacy. She used a few CORE Decor screens, some of which had to be cut to size. The results are stunning!

Art / Privacy Fence & Gate | Thunderbird, Transformation of the Frog, Face of the Moon

Privacy Panels: Thunderbird, Transformation of the Frog, Face of the Moon
Mike J (Burnaby BC) incorporated our CORE PVC Coast Salish Privacy Screens in his entrance fences and gates. He used them to add a unique design, that was long lasting and no maintenance.

Garden Art | Fern Forest and Orca Pod

Privacy Panel: Fern Forest and Orca Pod
Garden / Privacy screens used to add dilineation walls and art to the clients garden. These offset free-standing panels add gorgeous texture and sightlines to this coastal residence.

Patio Wall | Botanical

Privacy Panel: Botanical
CORE Decor Modinex (3'x6') screens installed horizontally and vertically to create patio privacy and art to this patio.

Landscape Art | Bear & Eagle

Privacy Screen: Bear & Eagle
CORE Coast Salish Privacy Screens installed to add art and beauty to a Nanoose Bay, BC property.

Light Sculpting | Panama Screen

Privacy Screen: Cabo
Modinex Privacy screens were used in this lovely install in Alberta to give the homeowners privacy on their new deck. Create your own outdoor living space by installing any of our beautiful privacy screens in your back or front yard setting.

Fence Topping | Frog & Moon

Privacy Screen: Frog & Moon
Add much needed privacy and art to your space by adding some of our privacy screens! The Frog and Moon Coast Salish panels look overlook the now higher fencing, creating better relationships with the neighbours :)

Privacy Screens | Sun, Hummingbird

Privacy Screens: Sun, Hummingbird
Our Coast Salish privacy screens were used by this owner to create privacy from their neighbour whilst using their patio and hot-tub. They chose the nature brown colour to blend in seamless with their beautiful outdoor wood decor. Lovely addition!

Hot Tub Privacy / Art Wall | Hummingbird

Privacy Screen: Hummingbird
These clients love hummingbirds and wanted to add a feature to their hot tub area, as well has add privacy to their area. They decided to purchase two hummingbirds screens from us and enjoy their space now even more. They plan to purchase another custom screen (bamboo style) from us in the future, to finish off the space.

Oh, and check out the CORE Hot Tub Foundaiton kit that supports their hot tub!

Privacy & Arts Screens | Stone Wall, Salmon Run, Orca Pod

Privacy Screen: Stone Wall, Salmon Run, Orca Pod
Collaborated install with Simple Fencing (local fencing company). Eric wanted to add privacy and art to his yard and fell in love with the CORE Coast Salish designs, he also addes some nature/pebbles design to his gates. The results are stunning!

Deck Privacy | Bamboo

Privacy Panel: Bamboo
Scott H (Kamloops BC) had limited privacy on his deck and wanted something to not only fix this issue but also add a nice design. He decided on CORE Decor Modinex Screens (Bamboo Design). The outcome looks spectacular!

Patio Art Wall

Screens: Loon, White Whale and Orca Pod

Project: Incorporated screens instead of using all wood to add art, Indigenous art and beauty to the area

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