Tiny House Living

Tiny Homes are taking the world by storm and here at CORE, we are always trying to reach new sectors to educate and promote permeable foundations. In recent months we have expanded our product application to Tiny homes and modular foundations. Generally, those living in tiny homes are an eco-conscious minimalist who enjoys experiences over possessions and some folks live a more nomadic lifestyle, moving with the seasons. These are aspects that make a tiny home living so compatible with CORE Foundations. Low impact, removable, accessible, high load capacity, all while keeping the earth alive and thriving. Our foundations are also LEED and SUDS compliant, meaning home builders can be eligible for tax rebates for implementing eco-friendly building materials, such as permeable foundations. 

The Tiny House Conference allowed CORE to connect with builders, homeowners, and architects from around the world. Creating awareness and supporting a community to bring about a greater environmental change is what CORE is all about. CORE Foundations were recently added into a Tiny Town Association project in Ontario where they're creating an affordable and sustainable living community. With remote work becoming more and more prevalent, people are seeking new ways of living, whether that be tiny homes or modular structures, off the grid and sustainable living lifestyles are here to stay!

We offer various sizes and packages for our Tiny Homes- check out our Tiny Home Brochure and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! Also, check out our short video on our Tiny Home Foundations

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