Privacy Screens

Hot Tub Privacy & Decor

This project integrated the exquisite Kindred Spirits and Loon designs by Noel Brown. The screens were thoughtfully incorporated to enhance the natural beauty of the area, already breathtaking in its own right. LED lighting was strategically installed to make the screens come to life during the evening hours, creating an atmosphere of pure delight around the tub.

Replacement of lattice

These homeowners grew weary of their outdated lattice screens and decided it was time for a change. They contacted our dedicated CORE Team, inquiring about our latest designs, with a request for a custom size to suit their specific requirements. Our team diligently worked to identify the perfect solution for them, and within just two weeks, we delivered the final screens that perfectly met their needs.

Edmonton's Citadel Theatre Interior Display "Little Shop of Horrors"

This clients interior patio display project, seamlessly integrated our CORE screens (Tree of Life pattern). This choice was instrumental in achieving the eerie ambiance I aimed for, perfectly aligning with the "Little Shop of Horrors" theme. Not only did it capture the desired effect, but it also proved to be a more cost-effective and distinctive alternative compared to other available options in the market.

Installer: Avery the Landscape Designer / Salisbury Landscaping

Landscape Design using Custom Privacy Screens (Aztec Theme)

Our wonderful, creative clients came to us with their idea for an Aztec designed fence and we worked together to create these unique custom screens, adding beauty and privacy to their already lovely landscape. Located in Aztec, NM (how appropriate is that for these designs?) this install is now a stunning addition to their already beautiful view - rainbow and all!

Herowork's Radical Renovations - Victoria BC

HeroWork Unites Communities! CORE, HeroWork, and talented local artists come together to create distinctive and stunning custom privacy screens, bringing joy to all.

HeroWork volunteers are the driving force behind inspiring, engaging, and mobilizing community members to generously contribute their time, resources, and enthusiasm to enhance the facilities of local charitable organizations. CORE is honored to be a part of the transformative journey with HeroWork, contributing to the revitalization of the Indigenous Perspectives Society. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to HeroWork for including us in this meaningful endeavor.

Garden Privacy with Coast Salish Designs

CORE Decor screens have been seamlessly integrated into the client's outdoor gardens and landscapes, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to their outdoor spaces.

Installed by the skilled team at Climate Custom Homes in Victoria, one of our trusted and valued installation partners.

Landscape East & West (Oregan) Landscape Screen Install

Tony's team partnered the CORE and incorporated our outdoor Decor Screens in their clients project, specifically choosing their Fern Forest Design. The screens were used to enhance their client's expansive yard with both privacy and captivating aesthetics. The installation was efficiently executed by a single carpenter, yielding breathtaking results that have left everyone awestruck.

Residential Install (Ontario)

Our clients, in the process of relocating to Ontario from British Columbia, really wanted to carry a piece of BC's charm with them. Their quest led them to discover the exquisite Coast Salish screens by Noel Brown, available at CORE. Instantly enamored, these screens have proven to be an exceptional addition to their new home, enhancing their surroundings with timeless beauty throughout every season. Crafted from durable 10mm PVC material, these screens are tailor-made to withstand the challenges of cold, snowy, and rainy climates, ensuring they remain a cherished part of the clients' lives for years to come.

Hot Tub Surround & Privacy

A CORE Installation was executed, employing our specialized foundations to create a level and permeable base under the hot tub. To enhance privacy and establish clear boundaries, Coast Salish Privacy screens were skillfully incorporated. These unique pieces were crafted by our talented team member and local artist, Noel Brown, adding a touch of artistic flair to the project.

Variety of Home Décor Project

While our screens were originally conceived for outdoor applications, serving the purposes of privacy, delineation, and artistic expression, the growing demand from our clients has inspired us to expand their versatility indoors. Our latest offerings include a range of elegant options such as white and light-wood colors, among others, which seamlessly complement interior spaces. These designs, crafted by talented local artists, are now available for shipping across North America, allowing homes and businesses to embrace the beauty and functionality of our screens, both indoors and out.

Outdoor pergola with CORE Decor

This remarkable installation showcases our custom screen collection. The client initiated the process by providing design preferences and precise sizing requirements, and through collaborative efforts, we brought their vision to life with these exquisite screens. These custom creations now not only provide essential privacy but also serve as captivating pieces of art, elevating the ambiance of their pergola and outdoor social space to a whole new level.

Featured Trellis and Fence Topper Options

We offer a wide array of possibilities with our 1'x6' and 2'x6' sizing for Garden Trellises, suitable for various purposes including fence toppers, patio art, deer fencing, and more. Additionally, we provide flexibility in size, accommodating various dimensions to suit your specific needs. Our trellises are available in a choice of elegant colors, including black, white, and brown, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your project.

Patio wall, with our Fanfare design

Introducing a new Design Fanfare, available in the standard 3'x6' size, with the option to customize to other dimensions. Choose from a palette of sophisticated colors including white, brown, and black. These versatile panels are designed to elevate your outdoor spaces, serving as patio walls, privacy screens, outdoor decor, or enhancing the aesthetic of your pool and hot-tub surroundings. Discover endless possibilities with this and other CORE Decor designs!

Deck Decor & Privacy, with our Botanical design

Ryan, a resident of Victoria, faced the challenge of replacing his deck after a tree had fallen on it. Instead of opting for the typical "all wood" decking solution, he discovered the innovative CORE Decor Privacy/Art Screens. Collaborating closely with CORE and his contractor, Ryan successfully transformed his outdoor space into a stunning and secluded oasis, where the beauty of nature meets privacy and artistry. His contractor now purchases these for other clients!

Japanese Garden

An assortment of sizes and designs were expertly installed within the client's Japanese Garden. Among these screens, several featured our innovative CORE Glow technology, enhancing not only nighttime illumination but also the overall nighttime beauty of the garden.

Art / Privacy Fence & Gate | Thunderbird, Transformation of the Frog, Face of the Moon

Mike J, a resident of Burnaby, BC, creatively integrated our durable CORE PVC Coast Salish Privacy Screens along his extensive driveway and home entrance. These screens served as both an enduring design element and a low-maintenance solution, contributing a distinct and long-lasting touch to his property.

Garden Decor

Garden and privacy screens were strategically employed to introduce delineation walls and artistic elements into the client's garden. These free-standing panels, thoughtfully positioned, not only serve their practical purpose but also contribute exquisite texture and captivating sightlines to enhance the aesthetics of this coastal residence.

Fence Toppers

Our screens have found a new purpose as fence toppers! The captivating Frog and Moon Coast Salish panels now gracefully adorn the elevated fencing, fostering improved neighborly connections and adding a touch of charm to the surroundings.

Social Space / Firepit Ambience

In this social and firepit space, screens were thoughtfully integrated, instead of relying solely on wood. Thereby infusing a touch of art, Indigenous culture, and sheer beauty into the area.

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