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Heat Pump Foundation Kit

Heat Pump Foundation Kit

Heat Pump Foundation Kit

Avoid the high cost of installing a concrete base for your heat pump. 

Use a CORE Heat Pump Foundation as a stable support base for your heat pump. These bases are affordable, extremely stable, durable, permeable (no ice build-up), and DIY friendly.

Easy Installation Simply prep your ground, lay the grid down, infill with clean gravel and place your heat pump on it... simple!

Zero Settlement Issues

CORE Foundations are a light weight, yet suitably stable base for your heat pump installation, unlike heavy  concrete, where the weight of it settles into the ground, potentially resulting in an unlevel heat pump.

Movement and Noise Reduction

CORE Foundation’s solid base eliminates equipment movement, as well as noise transfer into your home.

Year Round Install Ready

Unlike concrete, CORE Foundations can be installed in temperature as low as -45C.

Condensation and Ice Reduction

Rainfall easily seeps through CORE Foundation’s permeable base, eliminating erosion issues faced with concrete foundations. CORE Foundations also remove moisture during winter defrost cycles, preventing ice buildup around your unit. 

High Snowfall Installations 

In areas of high snowfall, CORE Foundations make an excellent structural base for your raised heat pump stand.

Heat Pump Kit: $60.00 USD + Taxes

Each kit provides a foundation for 1 full sized heat pump unit at 45.3” x 39.4”, or 2 smaller units at 39.4” x 22.6”

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Residential  Multi Unit Kit: $220.00 USD + Taxes

Each pack provides a foundation for 5 full sized heat pump units at 45.3” x 39.4” or 10 smaller units at 39.4” x 22.6”

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Commercial Orders

Minimum of 50 full-size units. Please call for pricing.

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CORE Heat Pump Foundation Kit

We are the Canadian/US Distributors for the CORE Gravel™ product line. 
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